Our Series

Vintage Replica Series

The vintage replica line will be comprised of sonic and electrical performance reproductions of vintage magnetics from legendary amplifiers of the 1950s and 60s. All products in our Vintage Replica line are built 100% by hand in our manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California. 

International Series

The International Series are similar to our Vintage Replica line but with slight modifications to the specifications in order to accommodate a wider range of power needs throughout the world. The International Series are also built 100% by hand in our manufacturing facility in Anaheim, California. 

Red Series

On paper, the RED Series products are nearly identical to our renowned Vintage Replica line. The only difference is that they are assembled in our international manufacturing facilities and will be offered at a more affordable price point. Additionally, the Red Series products feature red powder-coated end bells for an easy way to visually identify the differences between our two main product lines. Aside from these minor changes, these products are built with the exact materials and to the same specifications as the Vintage Replica series using the same methods, practices, and QA standards as the products built in California. To make sure they passed the tone test, we put them in the hands of some of the most respected amplifier manufacturers in the world to test, provide feedback and give their blessing before we released them to you.