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Real Vintage Specifications

Most Transformer Manufacturers Get it Wrong.

The problem with most transformers from a old specifications. However, the truth is, most original Fender spec sheets are intentions but not always the actual specifications. We don’t take someones word for it. We purchase real vintage transformers and carefully unwind to get the real specs.

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Quality Control From Builders

Every Part is Approved by Legendary Designer, George Alessandro

Every part we have designed has been carefully perfected by renowned amp wizard George Alessandro and tested against real vintage transformers in vintage amplifiers.

A Rich History

For over 40 years, we have had the opportunity to design and manufacture transformers for some of the most famed amplifier builders in the world. Builders like Ken Fisher of Trainwreck amplifiers and countless others have entrusted Pacific Transformer to design and build the iron of their legendary amplifiers.

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Our Core Beliefs

Vintage Materials

Unlike many manufacturers, we only use vintage spec materials. Paper, Copper & Steel

Hand Wound

All of our parts are hand wound by the same people and machines as legendary amps

Built in California

All of our parts are designed and built in our Anaheim California Headquarters

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