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Vox AC30 Choke
Vox AC30 Choke



Vox PN: 66429, PE241



    Fender 4Hy, 90mA Choke
    Fender 4Hy, 90mA Choke

    Bandmaster (Brownface), Bandmaster (Silverface), Bandmaster (Tweed), Bandmaster Reverb (Silverface), Bassman (Blackface), Bassman (Brownface), Bassman (Silverface), Bassman 100 (Silverface), Concert (Blackface), Concert (Brownface), Pro (Blackface), Pro (Brownface), Pro (Tweed), Pro Reverb (Blackface), Pro Reverb (Silverface), Reverb Unit (Brownface), Showman (Blackface), Showman (Brownface), Showman (Silverface), Showman Dual (Silverface), Showman Dual Reverb (Silverface), Super (Brownface), Super Reverb (Blackface), Super Reverb (Silverface), Tremolux (Brownface), Twin (Brownface), Twin Reverb (Silverface), Vibrasonic (Brownface), Vibroverb (Blackface)


    Fender PN: 125C1A, 022699




      Fender 4Hy, 50mA Choke
      Fender 4Hy, 50mA Choke

      Deluxe (Blackface), Deluxe Reverb (Blackface), Vibrolux (Blackface), Vibrolux (Silverface), Vibrolux Reverb (Blackface), Vibrolux Reverb (Silverface), Vibrolux(Brownface)


      Fender PN: 125C3A, 022707




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